Under trade name as  , the companyís calcium masterbatch contains high concentration of calcium carbonate with excellent whiteness based on polyolefin resins.


• Blow and cast films (mono and multi-layers)
• Blow molding
• Injection molding
• Woven sack, Raschel bag
• PE/PP strapping band

Main Benefits

• Reduce raw material cost
• Enhance higher production output
• Improve physical properties
• Improve melt strength
• Reduce the use of white pigment in white colored articles
• Increase heat distortion temperature
• Improve surface printing properties
• Act as the processing aids
• Provide antifibrilation for PP tape / yarn
• Provide better sealability for film application
• Reduce shrinkage and warpage for PP injection application
• Dimension stability


Grade Carrier Resin MFI (190°C/2.16kg)


MFI (230°C/2.16kg)


Main Application
AC171 PE > 3 HDPE blown film
BC16F PE 0.1 HDPE blown film
BC16M PE 0.1 Blow molding
BC161 PE 0.1 Blow molding
FC171 PE > 3 PP straping band
HC161 PE >5 PP woven bag
HC17B PE > 3 PP woven bag
JC16W PE > 3 HDPE blown film
LC161 PE > 5 HDPE blown film
OC161 PE > 5 PE, PP injection
LP8QQ PP > 3 Injection, Woven bag
LP9QQ PP > 3 Injection, Woven bag
LP155 PP > 8 Injection, Woven bag
PC155 PP > 8 High Stiffness Injection