Q-min is the trade name of Quality Minerals PCL’s uncoated and coated calcium carbonate. It is a name that is well-known and preferred in the markets. Raw material i.e. calcite is selected from the best sources to consistently produce both coated and uncoated calcium carbonate of various particle sizes. Our calcite has typical purity content of 99% whereby purity content for food additive and pharmaceutical standard is only slightly higher at 99.3%. Reports from SGS and Thailand Ministry of Health showed that our products do not exhibit heavy metal content and hazardous substances. In addition, we comply with the RoHs Directive 2002/95/EC.

Calcium carbonate has a wide range of applications :-

Application Benefit


– UPVC such as PVC pipe, PVC profile, Rigid PVC film and sheet

– PPVC such as PVC cable

– Plastisols such as PVC flooring, PVC leather cloth, PVC wall paper, PVC foam

Polyolefin Masterbatch

• Reducing cost

• Improve wheatherability

• Improve thermal conductivity

• Improve dimension stability

• High chemical purity which eliminates negative catalytic effect on the aging of polymers

• Non toxic, odorless and tasteless (conforming to food legislation in plastics packaging)


Printing and writing paper

Duplex board

• Improved printability

• Providing high degree of whiteness

• Reducing cost

Paints, Printing Ink, Powder coating • Non toxic and weather resistance

• Excellent whiteness

• Chemically stable i.e. low interaction with pigments, binders and other components

• Unsurpassed cost-performance extender

Rubber Products • Reducing cost
Poultry/Shellfish Premix • Make shell of egg or cultured prawn harder