Even though we were latecomers entering into the market, our entry was hugely successful. We were able to penetrate the market and win over customers’ confidence with our consistent quality. QM combines its extensive experience and knowledge in the plastic industry with its expertise in calcium carbonate manufacturing to produce calcium masterbatch and white titanium masterbatch. We are attentive to our customers’ needs and tailor our products to meet the requirement both in terms of specification and packaging. We are flexible and offer the most variety of grades and packaging in Thailand.

Our product is non toxic and poses no harmful effect to the environment. Environmentally concerned multinationals companies operating in Thailand, South East Asia and South Asia have been using our products which ascertain that ours are among the highest quality products available on the market. The company also exports to over 20 countries around the world with main customers in South and South East Asia.

Our main machinery and equipment are from Germany and we maintain German standard for dust control. In addition to the technical and financial support from the National Science and Technology Development Agency, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, we also received training and technology assistance from various foreign specialists. Moreover, there is continuous collaboration with local institution on technological improvement.

The company is proud of being selected by the Bank of Thailand to use its calcium carbonate as one of the essential elements in the Thai bank notes since 1999.


Our motto is:

Quality People,
Quality System,
Quality Products

Our Subsidiary – QM Invent Co.,Ltd. (www.qminvent.com)

Founded in November 1997, Quality Minerals PLC is the majorshareholder of Q.M. Invent Co., Ltd. Mr. Montri Kriengwatana is the managing director of the company.


Q.M. Invent Co., Ltd. is one of the very few manufacturers of plastic double injection parts. We can also offer secondary services for spray painting, UV coating, screen printing, sand blast and lasermarking/cutting, thus giving our customers a one-stop-service. Our products include telephone and electronic parts, car audio parts, parts for automotive industry and hand tools etc.



Major Customers

• NEC Platforms Thai Co.,Ltd.
• Stanley Works Ltd.
• Tokumi Electronics Thai Co.,Ltd.
• Marui Sum (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
• Woory Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
• Pioneer Manufacturing (Thailand)Co.,ltd.
• Nifco (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.